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Chandrika Global LLC

6 Inch Deep Frying Pan all Natural Hand Made Clay Pottery FREE SHIPPING

6 Inch Deep Frying Pan all Natural Hand Made Clay Pottery FREE SHIPPING

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Range Top Safe

Handmade Clay Earthenware Pottery

Oven Safe

Microwave Safe

Made by Family Owned Small Village Business

Eco Friendly

Chemical Free Cooking - Naturally Stick Resistant when Seasoned

Environmentally friendly sustainable packaging



An Exclusive Indian Traditional Clay Cookware range that will surely help you create a ‘WOW’ factor experience in front of your guests. It is beautifully handcrafted by the abled craftsman of Kerala, India.

The founders of Chandrika vowed to make a difference in the lives of thousands of local craftspeople & artisans thereby creating a global marketplace for them.

With every purchase, you make through Chandrika you contribute to the development and promotion of the rich heritage of India ...

Features & Benefits

-> Mirror Finished and Natural Firing Shade- Earthen Kadai is rubbed thoroughly with stone which imparts that Mirror finishing to the product. Also firing/baking of the product is done in a special way that results in natural shading effect.
-> 100% Organic & Natural- Zero use of chemicals and colours. This imparts uniform reddish colour to the finished product. 

-> Benefits- Clay is somewhat porous so heat and moisture circulate through the pot, unlike metal & enamel pots. Therefore it is perfect for slow cooking without overheating. This helps retain all the natural vitamins and minerals of the food. Clay pots add many essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and sulphur to food.

-> Clay is Alkaline in nature, hence it interacts with the acidity in the food and neutralizes the pH balance. Thereby reducing  common stomach problems often due to excessive consumption of Fast Foods. Clay contains many of the possible vitamins, even vitamin B12.

-> Multi-Use: Perfect to be used as a Tableware & Serve-ware.

-> Compatible with Gas Stoves, Microwave Ovens, Electric Stoves with Glass Top Ranges.

Harmful effects of Cooking in Aluminium Utensils-

1. Food cooked in aluminium vessels or in aluminium foil can absorb aluminium because it gets easily dissolved into food and water during the cooking process.
2. This absorbed aluminium goes into the bloodstream and accumulates in different organs in different people causing a multitude of effects.
3. Some unpleasant effects of eating food cooked in aluminium are hyper-acidity, indigestion, flatulence, skin problems like pigmentation, dandruff, and chronic inflammation of the intestine.
4. Aluminium also reduces growth of bone and predisposes to osteoporosis.
The simplest measure of replacing aluminium cooking vessels is with Earthen Cookware that inturn adds many essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and sulphur to food.

What Makes Our Product Unique & Distinct?

1. Unlike most of the earthen pots that you see today are Made of Die in factories, we procure our products from potters residing in various parts of our country who still use the Potter's Wheel.
2. Most earthen pots are Dried in Ovens at high temperature to dry them faster which completely ruins the natural clay properties. Instead, we leave them to dry in the open air and natural sunlight. Then we fire the clay.
3. Most earthen pots available in the market are coated with chemical paints or glazes. Chandrika highly condemns this. Our Products are made using Naturally excavated Clay.

Usage Instructions-

1. When you start using the product for the first time, immerse it in water or buttermilk for 24 hours.
2. This gives the product better strength & robustness. That water or buttermilk can be used in the meal (Zero wastage).
3. Start cooking with a low flame and then move to medium flame after few minutes. Sudden rise or fall of the temperature may lead to its cracking.
4. Don't Pre-heat the empty pot and avoid adding cold water to the pot that is already heated.
5. Don’t use harsh detergents, since clay is porous and this might absorb the chemicals that will be hazardous to health.
6. Usage & Cleaning instructions are provided along with the package.

Package Includes Clay Pots with Lid Combo

Disclaimer: Since all our products are completely handmade by the traditional method on potter's wheel(No Moulds or Machines Used in the entire Making Process), they might vary a little in shape & size up to 10%. That, in turn, makes every product unique & distinct.


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