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In1940, well before Ayurveda became a global phenominon, Chandrika soap was developed in a small town in Kerala India

Chandrika brings you the ancient secrets of Ayurveda, the trditional medicine of India. Originating over 5000 years ago, Ayurveda helps ballance the underlying energies of all living things in order to promote optimal health and longevity. Ayurveda's all natural approach is scientific, safe and effective.

Today, an estimated 300,000 Ayurvedic physicians practice in India alone, with many more practicing worldwide. In North America Ayurveda is flourishing alongside other holistic, patient oriented, natural, non-invasive medical systems.

Today, 80 years since it was first made, the Chandrika line is loved by millions of households all over the globe and is still synonymous with Ayurveda.




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 Chandrika Soaps

CHANDRIKA soaps are still produced by our family run business, true to its origins and traditional methodology. Each bar of soap is made in small batches and as such, strict quality controls are maintained. With the goodness of vegetable oils, Chandrika Bath and Body Ayurvedic Soap is nature's perfect therapy for ALL SKIN TYPES, enhancing total skin care. This is our flagship product and has been for over 80 years.


              Chandrika Global LLC

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CHANDRIKA GLOBAL LLC is the authorized importer and distributor of Chandrika and Sidha products for the USA and Canada. 

We are deeply committed to insuring your satisfaction with all our products and providing excellent customer service.



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